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Cockroaches Treatment Dubai

Cockroach Pest Control. Cockroaches are hardy insects that can survive in all kinds of conditions and are very resourceful in finding ways into buildings. Cockroaches can go for one to two weeks without water as long as the moisture content in their food is high. But eventually they’ll need it. Remove standing water from buckets and sinks to keep from attracting thirsty cockroaches. A quick response is essential to prevent cockroaches in your home or spreading to your neighbors. If you have already spotted signs of an infestation, these steps will help to control an existing problem but you will also need professional pest control treatment for a reliable, long-term solution.

Treatment Procedure of Cockroach Pest Control

The used treatment method and time to get rid of cockroaches will vary depending on the infested area and level of infestation. Our pest control in dubai experts provide you the right solution. 

Spraying Treatment

cockroach pest control

Sprays Treatment for Cockroach Pest Control gives you the Quick solution. This process doesn’t give you long-term control. They might just disperse cockroaches to other areas of the building, they may be return later. Also, some cockroaches have become resistant to many insecticides that formerly controlled them, Organic pesticides can be used for this kind of treatment. In Case of an American cockroach infestation, spraying inside drainage manholes is a must, since its the perfect breeding place for them. 

Baiting/ Gel Cockroaches Treatment

cockroach pest control

Gel Treatment or Bait products are the pesticides or Cockroach Pest Control treatment, it’s used to treatment of cockroaches infestations. This insecticides used in baits are slow acting. Consequently, an effective bait program does not give immediate results but may take 10 to 12 days or longer. Baits can be quite effective for long-term control of cockroaches unless the cockroaches have other food sources available to them. Baits are usually placed in hidden areas like to cupboards, away from the reach of humans and pets.

Glue Board Cockroaches Treatment

cockroach pest control

Homeowners looking to identify a possible infestation can use cockroach traps. Most of these devices feature bait or a type of attractant that lures the pests and adhesive that prevents them from moving when coming into contact with the trap. Residents can place traps indoors or outside. Glue traps (also known as sticky traps) are a great way to catch a few roaches. The bugs will get stuck as they make their way through your home. The traps usually come in strips and are meant to be placed in common roach paths.

Prevention by Cockroach Pest Control

The most effective way to prevent cockroaches is to deny them easy access to food, water and shelter, which are the main factors that attract them into your home or business. As your local pest control experts, Western Exterminator knows what attracts cockroaches. Use these prevention tips to keep your property free of cockroach infestations.

Outdoors, garbage cans, racks, platforms or slabs should be cleaned regularly. If pets are fed indoors, leftover foods should not be allowed to remain in the feeding dish overnight. Kitchen waste and excess refuse should be kept in cockroach proof container and disposed of as frequently as possible. Do not leave unwashed dishes, kitchen utensils, and uncovered food out overnight.

Classification of Cockroaches in UAE

cockroach pest control
German Cockroach
cockroach pest control
American Cockroach
cockroach pest control
Oriental Cockroach
cockroach pest control

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